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Alternative Rock Then And Now

Americana Alleyway

In need of some quality music to listen to after a long day of work? Tune in every Thursday evening from 7 PM to 8 PM for the Americana Alleyway with your host, Ramblin' Dave. Providing you with your daily servings of roots, americana, bluegrass, folk, old-timey, and acoustic music. So fry up some flapjacks , find a cozy chair, and listen to the music deliciousness that is the Americana Alleyway

Beat District

Bringing awesome trance, electronica, house, dubstep, hardstyle, and D&B music to the Valley!

Breakfast on the Fastbreak

Sports talk radio focused on the NBA.


DM Cooperative 7-11

Playing music from artists coming to Fargo as well as new indie rock and other assorted tunes

Electric Ear

"...and then we'll be dead and yet still alive. like leonard cohen."

Fix Your Broken Grind

Grindcore, Black Metal, Death Metal, Sludge, Doom, Drone, etc.

Flimsy Flower

Playing songs that will make your body sway and head bob. (ambient, electronic, indie, chillwave, etc.)


My name is Eric, his name is Mike, and from 2-3 pm every Monday, we talk about life, read advertisements, and wage bloody war on intergalactic civilizations by firing rad music into space. Home of the 5K Christmas special, the Guilty Pleasure Power Hour, Will Smith Appreciation Day and the Semi-annual Summerjam Spectacular.

Hacking the Gibson

NOTICE: As of August 2015, Hacking the Gibson has moved to KRFF-LP 95.9 FM. Hacking the Gibson with Helm is your source for bit pop, chiptunes, electronic, nerdcore, and anything geeky we come across.

Hat Trick Hockey Show

Sports talk radio with a focus on the Minnesota Wild and the rest of the NHL.

Hipster Happy Hour

I generally choose three songs and just play them on a loop

Hot Hit News

Cyds and Stine bringing you the hottest music news with some fresh new tunes and other conversation thrown in the mix.

Left Off The Dial/Riot Radiopp

Left Off The Dial takes a look at college radio from days gone by. Riot Radio is a look at garge rock rom many eras.

Local Weirdo Showcase

The Local Weirdo Showcase is committed to mixing a wide variety of quality Breakbeat-Oriented Music....Cheef and M.E.P. bring you live and on the spot mixes of Drum & Bass, Jungle, Electronic, Hip-Hop, Dub, Dubstep. Tune in and get weird.

News & Music with Ben Richards

Each Monday from 7-8pm I spin the globe discussing what is really happening out there in the World. In between I play mostly 90's alternative and punk and mix in some new music as well.


Peace Talk Radio is a different format than many radio programs on the airways. Peace Talk has chosen to focus not so much on the problems our world faces, although we won't mince from exploring them, but on the critical thinking and inspiring solutions to these problems that are happening all over the world for we believe the world needs a good healthy dose of our original goodness and a belief in our brilliance as we join others who say....There must be a better way! For our local listeners

Pizza Party

Lots of chill music best enjoyed with a slice of pizza in hand.

Radio Red-E

The scourge of Drive-Time! The Big Red E is going to get you Red-E for the week to come with 96.3% new music hour and a touch of old-fashioned civil disobedience. It's Radio Red-E infiltrating the FM airwaves!

Rebel Lego Radio

Hip Hop - Origins to Future -

Relaxation Station

A bunch of stuff thrown together to help you cool down after a long day.

Saturday Night Special

Dedicated to the discovery and appreciation of 1970s music.

Soul Stew Radio Hour

A hearty blend of yesteryear's soul, blues, folk, jazz & rock cuts with a few modern surprises thrown in for good measure. Campbell's ain't got nothin' on this stew! Click right HERE to like us on Facebook!
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Sound City

The Blueshift Spectrum

The Blues.

The Cymatic Reaction

Random good vibes.

The Fantasy Files

This show is called The Fantasy Files and we talk all about fantasy sports. We talk about NBA fantasy and NFL fantasy. We also have some segments during the hour called, Yes No or Maybe So, Who\'s Blue Who\'s True, Top Fantasy Guarantees, Lock it or Pop it. We also have a Facebook page and Twitter page.

The Joshua Timothy Show

Joshua Timothy is back! Ummmmm, with a... ummmm with a... vengeance? Football and other current events and, of course, KNDS kind of music.

The Kitchen Sink

We're throwing everything in INCLUDING the kitchen sink. Listener driven radio at it's finest. Dating back from the ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax and the Smithsonian files to current up and coming artists. From Delhi to London, Canada to Argentina, I play anything from anywhere (as long as it's not current top 100). Check out my first blog post and link as to how to make requests during the week, each set is handcrafted around your requests. Find me on @Burrow to make requests also.

The KNDS Sports Show

Sports talk on KNDS. Join us for all your Bison Sports news and our take on the national sport topics of the week! Arguments and friendly banter always included.

The Krummy Hour

The Krummy Hour

Krummy title, awesome music. Songs that inspire me, move me, and make me want to dance. Jamming out optional.

The LIVE JackD Radio Show

Radio show is dedicated to "LIVE" music, and if it isn't LIVE -- well then, it becomes VARIETY! Always informative and exploring those songs you just don't hear anymore - Soul, Jazz, Rock, Punk, Rap, R&B, Bluegrass, Blues, etc. Email me:

  • "Keep on the Sunnyside, and so long for now!!" - Steve Nelson (my radio DJ mentor)

  • The Metal Side Show

    We play all types of heavy metal music

    The Orange Show

    THE ORANGE SHOW HAS MOVED TO KRFF 95.9 Radio Free Fargo!

    The Rack (We've moved to KRFF 95.9 FM/LP)

    Music to prevent premature EROCKULATION! Broadcasting live and undead from the catacombs of KRFF 95.9 FM every Saturday night 10pm to 1am Radio for the demented & deranged! Radioflag: @therack E-mail:

    The Rebirth of Cool

    Cool down every Tuesday night with the Rebirth Of Cool, bringing you a special blend of brand spankin' new music and not-so-new music you're sure to love, but whatever it is it's gonna be cool.

    The Russian Predicament

    Predominately international music. J-Pop and K-Pop mostly, but not limited to East-Asia.

    The Sloppy Log Ride

    Sobbie Bunge

    The Solidarity Effect

    Our show is meant to engage in-studio guests and the listening audience in the social issues of our times from a working class perspective and also play some great music as well! Everything from folk, rock, punk, metal and more to mix it up! We believe that by bringing people together, we can all be part of making a brighter future for everyone through a "solidarity effect"!

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    This Is My Show



    This is ya boy DJ Big O holding it down playing the hottest hip hop,reggae & r&b remixes & locals check me out Thurs 10-11 tune in show some luv Time Hit Da Streetz R U READY ????

    What The Frigg!?

    Anything goes. Thrift store expensive = a track from an album purcahsed at a thrift store. Frigg Offs!! Hit me up to request a song or tell someone to Frigg Off!!! @postaljosh on Twitter.

    Whats on T.V?

    Senseless variety Wednesday's from 9-11 p.m. Let's have some good times together.


    A personal radio mixtape...traversing Planet Earth, across the global landscape of sound. From one cultural vibe to another...all within the span of an hour. Key words - ELECTRONIC / EDM / HIP-HOP / POP / ROCK / INDIE / NEW_WAVE / PUNK / FUNK / OLD_SCHOOL / TROPICAL BASS. FRIDAY + evenings = 6-7pm! (This show is a part of Friday Night FREQuency Sessions.)